What is it about?

An effective solution for your fleet

Created by and for professionals in the sector, Siletrans was created with the purpose of improving and supporting different needs of drivers and land transport operators, optimizing their daily work.

Equipped with a control panel and a mobile application, Siletrans is a powerful and versatile work tool that will allow you to manage your company's logistics. Always within reach of all pockets.

How does it work?

1. Register your fleet and employees

The first step is to register your company and employees through the Siletrans control panel.

2. Register your charges

Download the app on your mobile and start your own uploads from the dashboard intuitively.

3. Advertise your charges

Make your own loads public from the app so that other users can request and carry out their transport.

# 01

· Control Panel


Check the movements of your fleet in real time.

Accessing your control panel you will reach the dashboard, from which you can monitor in real time all the routes made by your equipment thanks to GPS technology, being able to filter by vehicle, date and time.



Access to your cargo history.

Check at a glance all the loads made classified by their status: pending, running or finished.

Route data

Tachograph simulator for each employee.

Study and compare the technical data of your fleet loads using linear time graphs based on the states of the route: driving, pause, other work or rest.

# 02

· The App

Use your mobile as GPS to record your charges.

In the case of not having a GPS device connected to your means of transport, you can use the Siletrans app to track your routes.

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Use the dashboard to start your own loads, having the option to change state when you see it necessary through the upper buttons. Also, you can go live viewing the different times.

You have at your disposal a complete list of vehicles, with access to each of them to consult or edit information.

Study and compare the timelines generated by the tachograph simulator, either daily or weekly, with the option available to filter for different periods of dates.

Check the cargo announcements offered by the other drivers to carry out your transport, and register your own offers. You will always have at hand the list of your published ads.

All your routes are registered and differentiated according to their state. Check your technical data at the click of a button.

The app includes a private message channel to improve communication between the logistics center and the driver.

Have the contacts calendar of your fleet at hand, with the options enabled to add and / or delete profiles.

Customize your profile in Siletrans by adding a profile picture. You can also enable or disable different app notifications.


Professional services we offer
your company


Manage your own fleet by creating individual profiles for each of your employees.

Tachograph simulator

Monitor and compare the data of your recorded loads, with a powerful timeline system and different filters.


Manage your company's vehicles by registering them in the application. Each of them will have their own technical data sheet and attached documents.

Loading ads

Drivers can announce and join different loads offered from the board enabled for it.

Load History

You will have available at all times a detailed history of all the loads made, filtered by state.

Internal messages

The tool includes a private messaging channel to improve communication between the logistics center and the driver.

24h support team

Siletrans has a team of specialized operators ready for any type of intervention 24 hours a day, in order to guarantee the good development and efficiency of transport worldwide.

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